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Thread: Infinite/Unlimited Lives Megathread!

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    I agree. We should be able to store our unlimited lives and activate at another time if we wish to do so.

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    This was already suggested and discussed many times on this forum (you do read the forum before posting your suggestions, right?)

    We are still trying to figure out why the devs haven't done this already. Maybe its because they DON'T want players to store the unlimited hearts indefinitely, because that puts a big hole in their income when players stop paying to recharge their hearts. That is why there was a suggestion to put an expiry on the envelopes, so people don't break the game by stocking the hearts for too long.

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    Unlimited lives and jackpot

    When we are awarded unlimited lives for 1 hr - 6 hrs can you implement a way to pause the counter as like me probably loads of players waste it as we haven't the time to play the reward for the given time .

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    I once played an mmorpg where they rewarded me a 6hr bonus item with heavy buffs, that paused when I logged out. What happened was that bonus item took over a week to finish (1hr of gameplay each day). While that was quite awesome for me, I can't imagine how much the devs would have lost in revenue given how many of these they rewarded to players (ie. no-one buys buffs for a week).

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    That's a more appealing idea Calafuria but then I guess there may well be an issue when competitions come up as not all players will be on a level playing field. Some players may have infinite lives some won't. So it may be an idea to not allow infinite lives when initiating a competition. That way people who wish to spend money on extra lives and boosts during competition times are more likely to do so and thus pleasing the Devs.

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    How about just not giving three CONSECUTIVE infinite life prizes? Just give one per day, or something similar.

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    I'd love to be able to pause the unlimited lives, or maybe an option to start it when you want to (like we can the extra lives of bonus items that are rewarded)
    Sometimes I play at night, before bed, and the grow a flower is up and I'm wasting hours of time on the unlimited because I have to work in the morning.

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    6 hours of unlimited play without break, this is a reward for madmen.
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    Endless life gift


    would it be possible to receive the "endless life" gift like the "Heart" into the inventory?

    Many thanks for your reply


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    Unlimited lives

    When we win unlimited lives, it would be cool if we could bank the hours and use them when we choose. It's a bummer to win 6 hours of lives at midnight and you have to work in the morning ☹️

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