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Thread: Infinite/Unlimited Lives Megathread!

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    Infinite/Unlimited Lives Megathread!

    This is Honor, not Vivian (again)*

    Hello all,

    Please post all ideas/feedback/suggestions regarding the Infinite/ Unlimited Lives reward here.

    Any future threads on this topic will be merged into this one. I'll start moving some of the more recent ones over as well. This is not meant to discourage discussion - it is important for Playrix to see your feedback - just to keep it all in one spot. This topic is like the ivy - if we let it spread it will cover the whole board

    By the way, posts from merged threads will be displayed in chronological order, so if the discussion looks odd, that may be why. If you switch to hybrid or threaded mode (under 'Display' on the top right), you can see which posts spawned which replies.

    *I borrowed another old, obsolete post so this one will show at the top of the thread, and the thread at the bottom of the stickies.
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    Devs, I hate you

    last night I started the new event, competition, whatever they call it. When I arrived at the first checkpoint the prize was, between other things, 2 hours of infinite lives. It was 9 PM so I continued playing. I arrived at the second checkpoint and the prize was 2 more hours of infinite lives. It was 11 PM but I continued playing. I arrived at the end at 1 AM and found that the prize was 6 (SIX!) more hours of infinite lives, that like the others started immediately. Now I ask you : how can you think that someone can play for 10 hours continuously?These prizes are a mockery. Why don't you give them as a token that we can use when we have the opportunity to play? Why do I have to throw away 6 hours of playing?
    That's why I hate you.
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    I rarely agree with the large majority of complaints directed at this game but on this issue I can find no justification for why they continue to force people to use their 2-6 hour infinite lives the second they complete the level that unlocks it. This goes for the 3 hours of infinite lives from the lucky spin as well. If they can store additional lives from the wheel or lives sent from friends then I see no reason why the same cannot be done for infinite life tokens.

    I'm an ardent supporter of Gardenscapes but this issue needs to be addressed. Not next year, not next month but yesterday.
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    I have been able to delay it by quickly closing (but not quitting) the game while any extra moves are being played out (basically, after the level is won but before it exits). The timer then starts the next time I open the game.

    Still, rather annoying.

    I hate to bring up the "but oooooooother games do it" argument, but they do. You have to collect the chest or whatever to start your timer. If there's a reason something similar in Gardenscapes will not work, I wish the devs would address it.

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    You know what? I think I can guess why the devs have not yet figured this out, as well as a possible solution.
    If you were receiving free lives via the daily spin into the mailbox, what is guaranteed to happen is that some people won't use it straight away, stockpiling it until the day it becomes useful. The period of time before you use a special item would increase if the item were more valuable (eg. I may use the first shovel quite easily, but the last shovel may see 100 levels before it gets used, because then I'll need to spend to get more)
    Imagine what will happen if infinite lives via mail were to be introduced. People may never actually use the item, because it is too valuable to waste, and so it sits in the mailbox and fills it up. In the long run, players won't bother recharging hearts, because what is more valuable than the infinite lives envelopes already in your inventory? In the end the devs will lose revenue because no-one will recharge anymore, but I'm extrapolating at this point.
    My solution is Expiry times. Put a 1 week expiry on the infinite lives envelope, so that the prize disappears 1 week after receiving it. By doing this, players can schedule a time that they can use the prizes, while preventing the players from indefinitely stocking the prizes like trophies. Players will be happy for the control they get over their prize, and devs will be happy that the prize is not so gamebreaking anymore.

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    Sage, I think you are right with the reasons - most other games work like this, too, with their free lives - and that is a very clever idea you have there as solution. Of course, there will be the players then who complain cos they overlooked or forgot their time frame.... but it sounds feasible and acceptable even for Devs. Now, if someone would read here.... did you think of sending it in from ingame, maybe? :-)

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    @Sage, that's a great idea, thank you for suggesting it!
    DEVs! Are you reading these?

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    Hopefully they are reading the message I sent through feedback. It still isn't fixed though.

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    An other ideas is to stop the clock when the player quits the game, so he can play until he can and continue later. Easy and effective. Playrix loses nothing and the player can use all his bonus.
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    suggestion for the infinite lives reward

    When you do the flower contest or spin the lucky wheel sometimes you'll win the 2 or three or six hour unlimited lives reward. Well instead of activating it right when we get it maybe it could be sent to the gift box so we can pick when to use it.

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