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Thread: 28.08 Volunteer Moderators Wanted!

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    My name is Kimberly I am from Arkansas my town is Alaska my time zone Central time would really love to help out with this game

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    My name is Cathy Honey from Texas. I would love to be a moderator cause I love helping others. I play this game every single day all day. I’m available every day and night cause I am a night owl as well, so being available at different times of the day or night will not be an issue. I look forward to working with you and helping all players, new or old to enjoy the game of Township!

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    Akron ohio
    Please consider me for the job.. my name is AnnMarie Kelly my town name is AnnMarie

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    Hi. Myself Abhilash. I am from India. I do have active gaming experience and like games a lot. I have bern playing Township for 3 or 4 months, but made quick progress with the previous experiences. I do respect my team mates n other players. This game is also designed in that way where co-operation is the best way to progress. I am sure I can contribute a great deal. Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

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    Township Moderator

    My name is Karen, from Nigeria.
    My towns name is Downtown.
    This game is really fantastic n very creative.. Please consider me.
    Thank you.

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    I would like to apply for the Moderator`s position. I live in Columbia, SC. I love this game and play it everyday about 6 hours a day. My town name is Queen Wendy.

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    Level 99 player here, beautifully organized town, daily player, and current leader in my coop, Saritaville. I reside in Alberta, Canada, mountain standard time. Our regatta races start at 2am. My township handle is Coco and I'm quite knowledgeable of the game. I interested in moderation. Thanks.

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    I'll love to Help !

    Good morning/Afternoon/ night.

    I have been a huge fan of Township for the longest, I play literally all everyday, never been obsessed with a game I but just with this one. I love how easy is to play and all the amazing features the game provides. I'm in level 73, I surely have a pretty good understanding of the game. I know where everything is and where everything works I think I can be a great help, this is my second time applying for the forum, hopefully I'll get a response. Thank you to all, and thank you for creating such a Fun game!!

    Luis Rivera.

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    I want this offers

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    I'm Amy, the mayor of Friendly City. I live in Ky, Central Standard time. I play daily and would like to give being a moderator a try thus enhancing my gaming experience. 🙂

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