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Thread: 28.08 Volunteer Moderators Wanted!

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    I love Township! I have been playing for more than 75 days in a row. I am truly addicted to this game. I would love to share my experience with others. I live in Missouri, which is Central Time Zone.

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    ME! ME! ME!

    Hello, Townshipper forum.

    I was so excited to see this post and very interesting to become one!

    My name is Skye, Town name: SixSixSix. I live in Florida, US, time zone: Central Time Zone(UTC) time and I am a Chinese, I think this is a plus because there are large numbers of Chinese players and I believe it is still growing. I am in coop 山二王, we are very active regetta players, curentlly ranked#24 in global top.

    More about me, When I become a townshipper early this year, I have been playing it daily non-stop. Love this game so much, make a lot friends already. And, when i know about this forum, I come here very often (as a guest for a long period of time). I am a responsible, honest, and dedicated person, so if i get this wonderful opportunity, I can be here in a daily base, do my best to help everyone. I am willing to join train program if any.

    Thank you for you time and consideration. I am really serious about it.


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    Hello Natasha,and all other Admins,

    I would like to become moderator.
    I was not active on forum that much until these days, but i'm playing Township for one year now,and i'm happy to say that i have interests to help all new players,or players who have some troubles.
    I have very good knowledge of the game itself,and programming,computer science,everything.
    I would be very active on forum because i'm spending 6 hours a day on my computer,sometimes even 7 hours.
    Here,in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sanski Most to be more specific, everyone is polite and willing to help,so am i
    Last year, when my friends told me about cute simple heart reaching game, i did not believe them,but guess what,i liked the game so much, and here we are, today it is one of my favorites.
    I'm willing to help everyone, and i will be polite,friendly-based moderator as every current moderator is.

    As far my story could go,i will end it here.

    Can't wait to see what you will reply with,
    Best wishes!

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    Hi my name is Tawana and I would absolutely love an opportunity to become a moderator. I believe that this position would match my personality because I love people and the game. I am a people person, calm natured and always ready to help. I've been told that I can nice a person to death. Lol. I am a great team player and I assist my team all the time. I am only on level 48 but I play the game very well and have helped others on higher levels especially during regattas, during specials games such as fishing and the flying of the airplanes and my beloved restaurants. I have only done the games once but have placed 1st in my league. I enjoy figuring out how to gain higher scores, there seems to always be a method and this alone is a welcomed challenge. I am on the eastern time zone. I love a challenge, love helping others and I feel that this is a good fit for me, I play this game all day, sometimes I have to make myself get off because it's so addictive. Recently I had knee surgery and couldn't move around well. I bought adult calming coloring books, magazines, movies...etc but nothing calmed me more than this game. I have met very nice people and take such pleasure maintaining my town. Whether I am chosen or not, thanks again for this wonderful game.

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    Good Afternoon! My name is Nick and I currently live in North Carolina, in the Eastern time zone. I am a huge fan of the Township game and spend the majority of the day on the game. I think that the most important aspect of the game is helping out others with supplies. I believe that it is important to keep up with forum's and reply to users' questions as soon as possible and to ensure the safety of the users, by following guidelines and prohibiting slander, bullying, inappropriate responses/threads, as well as spam. I have multiple years of IT experience and own/play on multiple devices. I would make sure to keep the forum up for the majority of the day, everyday. I have a strong knowledge of the game, and have been playing it through many updates. I would love to be apart of the admin community!

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    Hi there! I am in the eastern time zone. I live near Boston. I enjoy this game and all the wonderful people that play. I was a moderator in a dart forum a few years back. I understand the challenges of walking that fine line. Please let me know if I can help promote this wonderful game internally by being a moderator. It would be my pleasure.

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    Volunteer Moderator Applicant: Rachel, GMT-7

    Name: Rachel
    Location: San Diego, California, USA
    Time Zone: PST/PDT/GMT-7
    Town: Firenze, nearly level 65
    Township Player Since: April 2017
    Forum Member Since: June 2017

    Hello Natasha,

    Since starting the game, I have not missed a day of Township and have recently recruited my husband to start his own town, too! We live in San Diego with our two rescue dogs. I’ve got a good bit of availability for the foreseeable future as I’m working gig-to-gig copywriting/virtual assisting right now and taking care of some health matters. Township has gone from being a welcome distraction to a fun, regular part of my day and becoming a forum moderator would easily fit in as I’m here nearly every day as it is. My gameplay style is to try to complete every achievement that I can, win lots of regatta and event rewards, and make a creative yet realistic town in Firenze. In the forums, I’ve done my best to make the most of this resource and also to provide assistance and camaraderie to others as I’m able.

    Early on in my regatta “career” I realized that I’d love to run an active Co-op with clear guidelines and a happy community, so I started Aphrodite’s Piers. We require an application for entry, keep announcements and guidelines on a team website, and have many long-term members. In only 11 weeks we have nearly filled our roster and worked together to earn the Legendary Yachtsman achievement. I enjoy creating functional systems that are clear and helpful to others. Of course, we are talking about “just a game” but I have had the pleasure of learning from my fellow Co-op members about this game and about how to be a better leader, whether that means providing some gameplay coaching to improve a member’s participation or having the guts to use the “kick” button to protect our team culture.

    It is from leading Aphrodite’s Piers that I have become so active in the forums, trying to keep up with all of the ins, outs, and updates of Township life to improve my gameplay and help my Co-op members. When I was a young teenager I used forums to connect with other fans of games I played, so it was familiar territory to return to this format of socializing, learning, and informing. During that time, I picked up some bbCode and (very) basic HTML to make interacting in forums a bit easier and learned how important active and knowledgeable moderation is to a forum community. From the beginning the Playrix forums were a great resource for me to recruit, learn from, and interact with other Township enthusiasts. And it doesn’t hurt that as a former Psychology/English student, I love to ask “why” and then find a way to articulate it. The members and moderators of the forums have been so welcoming and helpful to me that I would like to return the favor and invest some of my skills into helping facilitate this essential link between Playrix and its Township playership.

    Should you wish to contact me, my private messages are forwarded to my email address which I check daily. If needed, I can provide you with that email address as well as other Township players and forum members as references.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Are we allowed to make wild guesses on who the new moderator will be?

    Quote Originally Posted by Firenze View Post

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    Moderator of Township

    Hello, I am a daily player and I have been playing for at least a year if not longer. I have plenty of free time on my hands as I am disabled and home bond but very capable in playing Internet games on my table in a relax position. I would like to try out for being one of your Moderators. I live in Southern California PDT. I am up around noon or 1pm my time but I stay up until sometime between 2am to 5am. I do play about 3 other games so I am not on Township the whole time but I am constantly going back and forth between games. Staying on each game for about an hour at a time except one which only gets about 15 minutes. I will spend more time on Township if I am made Moderator. I have good ethics and would never think of cheating. I don't believe it's fair to anybody. And I would be more than happy to help get rid of the cheaters. I am a very honest person and don't believe in lying. I can't stomach it from me or anybody else. I have actually broke off a friendship because they lied to me. I won't put up with lying and cheating if I have anything to say about it.

    Please let me know anytime at the game if or if not you can use me. Thank you for your consideration and your time into this matter and in considering me. Anything you decide is okay with me.

    Christine Arends
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    My town is called Jayson (original right?), and I have been playing for about five months now! I'm almost to level 50 at the moment and I am always getting compliments on how beautiful my town is as I spend a lot of time on it and decorating it a lot! I am co-leader of my co op and a lot of my co op members have had questions about the game and I have helped almost all of them.

    I am very knowledgeable about the game and I love to help point others in the right direction. I currently work in customer service for online support with situations very similar to this so I feel like I would be a very good fit to be a Volunteer Moderator! I am also fluent in English and Spanish. I am located in United states in Eastern time zone. I do check out the threads regularly (and play Regularly as well so I am always up to date with game updates) but just recently started posting in them! I do hope that I am considered for a position as a Volunteer Moderator. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my posting!

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