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Thread: Why Ruin The Past Regatta Reward System?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pink View Post
    The old system went out with the new Season Style regatta. Now we have up to 9 chests that don't get opened until after the race. Previously up to 12 would open (depending on the number of racing members) and we could choose from 9 chests. We could also choose to pay Tcash to refresh any number of unwanted chests, in the hope of something better. At least this way, when our actual prizes were poo (and they frequently are) we could at least find something worthwhile in the remaining chests. No such luck now!

    Like you, I can no longer see the point in spending a whole week working for exactly the same rewards that come by train every 2 hours, so I'm no longer racing.. and I don't miss it.
    Nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks it's all a bit of a waste of time and effort. However, having had my say I have to confess to giving it one last go in the present race. If, like previous races, the prizes are still as poor I shall follow your lead and quit racing. Thank you for your support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkerville View Post
    I too am usually disappointed with the rewards. This week, however, i am much happier. Between the first place prizes and the additional chests i got tcash, booster, much needed timber and gold ingots. The only way it could have been better would be getting gems instead of the other tools i have no use for...
    I think this rare occurance is why i am still racing in the regatta...
    Congratulations on your success Tinkerville. I think you are most likely in a more advanced league to the one I'm currently racing in (Steel). Before starting my own co-op (a decision I'm having serious doubts about) I was a member of a co-op in Gold League and the prizes there were worth racing for but I decided to try going alone and am paying the price . Good luck in all your future races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Haven’t enough of us mentioned this since we were fobbed off with “take some time to get used to it” to warrant further response? I have yet to hear a valid reason why it cannot be put back to the old way...
    The next "reward" monday is approaching, gulp.

    Since this “take some time to get used to it”, the only answer we ever got, is answering nothing whatsoever, just a try in shooing us away ...

    Here our question again, still not answered:

    Why can't we get back the old reward system?
    Where we could choose to reshuffle and – no! – yes! – actually pay for our rewards.
    Again: We are begging to be allowed to pay for our own rewards! Lol

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