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Thread: Why Ruin The Past Regatta Reward System?

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    Why Ruin The Past Regatta Reward System?

    1. No choice at all. Instead of choosing 9 from 12 options, you get 9 chests (Assuming enough points)
    2. No possibility to refresh.


    I got a bunch of something from the last chest, the one what is suposed to give you the best reward, that I have too much of. Like many, I use the Regatta rewards to try to get more barn building materials. And I usualy end up spending TC to refresh a few times, and usualy end up happy. Now you get what you get. No choice at all. I hate it when a game ruins a good mechanism. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

    On the positive side, and kudos, the plane game was nice. A bit random, you had to get very lucky with power ups, but still. And I like the idea of tokens.
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