I'll spare the reader hear the time for my previous attempts to contact Playrix to report these issues within the game over the past week or so. However, to shorten that part... I finally received a s
Response that apologized for their untimeliness but didn't acknowledge any of my reports in the slightest. Below is my cut and paste response to that:

I understand and appreciate the apology and acknowledgment in the untimely response... Sometimes there are system issues that are out of anyone's control until someone with more experience in a certain area can take the time to correct things like the internal communication... I'm not really sure you read either of my reports based upon the response that I finally received though? either way, please let me know if you have access to them, and if you don't I'll be happy to resend it again. :-)

I did take the time to follow up on the rocket man's social media page. it is still displaying in the two different languages.

I can't go back in levels to be able to tell you whether or not the problem is still happening on that particular level. however, I will be more than happy to make a post via the forum and the social media methods to see if any other players are still experiencing the inability to move the widgets in the location I previously specified.

Lately I have been noticing that I am missing out on A LOT of the combination moves that are supposed to generate black bombs,sticks and barrels of TNT ect. It's like the game has a mind of its own and switches other widgets. Often times, I will select two widgets to move (I carefully make my move selection by clicking on one and then clicking on the opposing widget instead of swiping). Another way that I find that I'm missing out, is that the game "thinks" because the widgets fall so fast, that they don't need to count combinations that happen after the first two or three combinations. and yet another way is that the widgets don't finish their settling descent before eliminating each other. I have a photographic memory which helps me not just remember what has happened, but like an advanced chess player, I can see/project the results of moves often 3 to four ahead of where I am.

I know it's completely unrelated. Do you enjoy working for the company (Playrix)? I would love to find employment doing customer relations/trouble shooting while "getting my feet wet" learning game development. How can I get in the door at Playrix? I'm sure I would need to assemble & send a resume somewhere... Is there anyone in particular that I can correspond with directly?

Hope to hear from you soon!,

END OF COPY... So, how about it... Are you guys experiencing any of the same issues? The inability to move widgets towards the bottom left of the board on level 528 at the end of the game, getting cheated on combos and multiple languages on Austin's Social Media?