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Thread: Sync problems!

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    Sync problems!

    Hi, does anyone know why the game levels doesn't match up on different devices, im quite far into the game on my tablet but had to start at the beginning playing via the games-room ap on my laptop, I have signed on via Facebook on both devices so surely i should be on the same level on both also??? Or am I missing something?

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    Nope - these devices are NOT compatible. You will not be able to sync your fb based game with your mobile devices. Even though you play through FB on both. They are separate games. Various mobile devices (tablets, phones) can be sync'd, but the FB game on Gameroom or through a web browser is separate.

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    It's totally a bummer, but Frank is right

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    I have seen posts that say Playrix is working on merging the games, but as they are completely separate platforms it's unlikely they will be able to do it. On a side note, the friends you send lives to on the mobile will also not be the friends you send lives to on FB. Again, it's a completely separate platform. Lots of people are bummed about this... I've been playing on FB since last year, and wait for levels and events every week. I've finally started a mobile game and am moving through the second game and enjoying the events and mini-games that mobile players have and FB has not (the events do not run at the same time, either). Also I've heard that mobile players get 25 new levels every week, but FB platform gets less so there's a lag on the FB side. It's fun making a second garden, and it's better than playing chests waiting for new levels to come out.

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    Hi Tracey. I think that the two versions of the game are still not compatible. I know this was the case a while back. I am sure that someone will be along to correct me if I am wrong

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