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Thread: Are Mystery Tasks Always Complete-able?

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    I know tasks such as planes do continue to appear even when there is not enough time left to complete them. Tasks that usually allow 2 days, for example, will show a shorter duration if the end of the race is less than those 2 days away. I see no reason to expect mystery tasks to be any different. I like the mystery tasks, though I would only take one is my ships were in, my hot zoo items were ok, and I had plenty of time for the worst case scenario. I find them incredibly tempting, especially as they are coming up a lot in the absence of the event tasks this week, though a few of my co op members refuse to go near them.. as a group, I'd say we do pretty well out of them, getting a horror perhaps 1 time in 4..

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    So is it possible at all to receive a mystery task of production such as frying pans , and you haven't even built the factory yet. But your at that level!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel Garcia View Post
    So is it possible at all to receive a mystery task of production such as frying pans , and you haven't even built the factory yet. But your at that level!
    I would suspect that could be the case Rachel. I suppose that makes it more risky than the other tasks depending on which factories you have built. Time will tell I expect.

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    That has not been our experience. No one is our coop wants a mystery task

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    Actually the mystery tasks are taking all the fun out the regatta for me and the set prizes not well received. If racing is no fun Township is boring to me and too slow moving. Will watch for it to improve in the next couple of weeks but I won't want to do this very long before I move on

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    Hi all, after my post last week pertaining to the mystery tasks I have sort of changed my mind. I was caught off guard last week and my time suffered. But this week after the wonderful list made by busy bee I had a better idea of what could happen. So, this week I only chose mystery task if I was prepared for anything. Ex.: all boats in Port, plenty fields available etc. Etc. If there was chance of getting something I could maybe not handle I just went with normal tasks. I did 7 mystery task in first 15, then did mystery for 16th. I did happen to get bring 12 watermelon from frutus 3x I was still OK time wise. Barn suffered though. 36 each peaches,melons,plums. Luckier yet was peaches as hots at zoo.
    So, if you prepare mystery worth the chance because most require less to complete and give more tokens. I suggest having tcash to finish a bad timed task also, but I only used cash this week to hurry those island runs and only as a choice.

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    In my Co-op We now delete all the mystery tasks. I have done lots of them but they take too long time to do. I've spent lots of t-cash and won't do that any more.

    Disaster just struck me. First I got the mine which was ok. Then I got ingots. That was fine too so I melted all my ore and finished that task but now I got a mysterytask to make 7 floorlamps. I have no more things to use in the mine. All my cooper ore has been melted to ingots. I have 36 hours to get 35 copper ore and make the lamps.

    The mysterytasks took the fun out of the game. Several of my co-op members have problems to finish the regatta now and talk about quit the game and uninstall it. I don't think this will work and the game will loose lots of players. I hope they don't continue with theese tasks so we all get the fun back again.

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    Thank you Hyacinth for answering my question. I guess it seem like a risky situation, but now I have everyone getting up to date with their factories, hoping that we would not have to be in that kind of situation.

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    I've had good mystery tasks - ingots, collecting milk and mining all completable within a matter of hours

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    My daughter is lvl 30 and she got a mystery task for lvl 34

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