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    Angry Всё пропало

    у меня уже второй раз всё пропадает в зоопарке, все постройки и декорации, только опять начала выстраивать и сегодня утром опять обнаружила что ничего нет...столько ресурсов, монет и банкнот потрачено ппц... как восстановить мой зоопарк?
    у меня уже нет желания опять начинать все заново, вдруг опять все пропадет((((

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    I can only imagine how frustrating that can be! If you already have done this, I apologise for bringing it up. However, did you make sure to register your game by linking it to your Facebook account and adding your email address? I know a lot of games that I've come across don't guarantee that your game progress won't get lost unless you do those steps. I'm pretty sure it's the only way for the app/developer to be able to associate you & your device(s) to the progress you have made.

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    From Google : Hello!
    I have already lost everything in the zoo for the second time, all the buildings and scenery, just started building again and this morning I found out again that there is nothing ... so many resources, coins and banknotes spent PPC ... how to restore my zoo?
    I already have no desire to start again all over again, all of a sudden everything will be gone ((((

    You have to report this from within your game. Click on the cog - Help and Support - Lost items. Give as much details as possible in your message : when did this happened ? What was done and lost ? What level was your zoo ? Do you play on 2 devices ?

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