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Thread: Fix Negative Attitude Toward Math

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    Fix Negative Attitude Toward Math

    Up until now I have really enjoyed this game. I'm on level 554 and play it every day. I love unlocking new tasks in the garden and figuring out the puzzles of each level. But this morning I came across something that forces me to decide whether or not to continue to support this game.

    When fixing the hedge maze, Austin makes a negative comment about math, stating that it is not creative and he doesn't like it. Mathematicians use all tools at their disposal to solve problems - yes, formulas, but also creativity in order to find a solution nobody has ever considered before. Negative comments toward math like this have been normalized in our society, exactly as this situation shows. These kinds of statements only serve to teach our children that math is rigid and lacking in creativity and nothing could be farther from the truth!

    The only way attitudes about math will change is if we, as a society, stop accepting this lazy and harmful view of mathematics, and it begins with YOU Gardenscapes. Please change Austin's interaction immediately.
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    The dialogue after would be a good opportunity for the builder to scold Austin and show him the error of his ways

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    I do find it ironic, given that Gardenscapes requires a certain amount of logic, spatial awareness and problem solving.
    Maybe this is the reason Austin doesn't bother solving the levels himself, and leaves it to the mathematical master of the house.

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    Hi Heidi! I'm sorry our game gave you this impression, maybe the phasing here really isn't the best one and could be changed. I'll let our writers know about it and hope they can fix it. Thanks for your input!

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    No offence, but it sounds like you're calling everyone who doesn't like maths "lazy".
    Sorry that I'm more creatively bent?
    The fact that Austin doesn't agree with you doesn't make him wrong. Tons of us agree with him more than you. People are different, and not everyone likes the same things.
    I'd say the reason most people don't like maths has more to do with how school handles it than how a video game character talks about it. School managed to suck the fun out of subjects I genuinely LIKE; how is anyone meant to like maths in that environment?
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