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Thread: Happy birthday Gardenscapes! :D

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    Happy birthday Gardenscapes! :D

    Gardenscapes turned 1 and we got a present for it! Awesome!
    2h unlimited lives, and one of each booster! ( Not a lot, but still ... )

    Congratulations to the Gardenscapes team, and wish for many years still to come! Thanks for a great game!
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    Hard to believe it's only a year old.

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    I am with You guys from very beggining, Happy Anniversary!

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    Happy belated birthday/anniversary! I was totally tickled to open the app the other day to such a pleasant surprise... A "haul" in comparison to ending a day, finishing the orangery competition or a Jackpot from the wheel. Thank you Playrix for giving us a gift, on YOUR day :-)
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