The occasional deals to buy T-cash are great, especially with the decorations thrown in, but very limited.

I would like to see a variety of packs offered, either as special or as a permanent option.

For example:

Building upgrade packs: One offers (10) glass, one offers (10) bricks, one (10) slabs for ($10) each. (Numbers could be set at whatever, or potentially rise with players level, not sure how difficult it would be).

Barn upgrade packs as above.

Expansion packs as above.

Alternitively, they could be set "upgrade" packs. Say 30 of each building material for $50 or whatever it would work out at.

Two times "free" expansion coupon for $10.

I don't know specifics, I just know I'd be more likely to spend money on something tangible, rather than buying a bunch of T-cash.