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Thread: Don't Penalise Us With Lost Star Points When Using Storage

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    Don't Penalise Us With Lost Star Points When Using Storage

    As I open up new tanks I would like to move some decorations and fish to tanks that they look more appropriate in but can't because when we remove things you penalise us by taking off star points.

    That's not fair because we have already paid for the items so that should be the criteria used, not whether or not it's in the tank still.

    Can you please make it so that removing things doesn't deduct points or stars?


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    Hi Mistervista

    I doubt very much they would do this. It would make getting new stars way too easy. Just moving stuff from one tank to the next would be enough. We have to buy things to get a new star. If we do not buy it for the new tank, we have to buy it to replace stuff we took from a previous tank.

    It is not a penalty, it is just the game mechanic.

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    I don't think you actually lost the star points altogether - they're transferred to the new tank along with the decoration.

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