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Thread: Problems with "Oriental" garden

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    Problems with "Oriental" garden

    "Oriental" is an outdated term that's now considered offensive; "Asian" is preferred. The "Oriental" garden is a messy mash-up of stereotypes and cultural elements from all over Asia, thrown together without consideration. A Chinese friend of mine stopped playing the game just because of the ad for this section. Now that I've unlocked it I don't think I can play further. Gardenscapes was always a little iffy with its "diversity" mostly coming in the form of badly written heavy accents (though not as bad as Township), and this is just too far. It's especially insulting to the long and amazing history of gardening in Asia. I would have loved to play a well-researched Japanese garden level, but Akira's dialogue is unreadable and the whole thing just makes my skin crawl.

    Please consult with actual Asian people about ways to fix this level and design better ones for the future.

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    When did this world become so sensitive that they have lost all of their sense of humor surrounding the sterotypes that make us all different? It's okay to exaggerate make believe characters... It's okay to celebrate our differences. This world will be dreadfully boring when we all continue to be sheep to the media to the point where everyone is politically correct at all times. Until we all are the same shade, and all have the same heritage, and religious beliefs... We need to acknowledge each other's differences and be able to EQUALLY laugh about stereotypes... Whether they actually ring true for an individual or not, the stereotype had to come from somewhere... As for me and the sterotypes that are assumed about my heritage and lifestyle choices, I would be tickled to death if the developers would flatter me by acknowledging what makes my kind unique... A homosexual coming to give Austin wardrobe advice, an Italian being a chef for Austin's date, an Irish man showing up to teach Austin how to box, a Latino coming to help tidy up, and/or a native American coming to teach Austin certain things about being one with the land... As long as it is done without the intent of hurting someone/a group of people, making them appear weak or less intellectual than Austin... Imo, there is no problem.

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    The problem isn't with the word " ORIENTAL"! [Removed]
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    Well I for one am not offended by the word Orient, it just means East Asia (ie. China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, my homies in Vietnam, etc). The word is actually historic, since it used to mean "whatever was East of Rome". It only became derogative when Americans used it, but then a lot of words are like that too.
    It would actually be incorrect to use the term Asian, since the garden is not modelled after Russia, India, or any of the countries in the Middle East (though I would like something Arabic in a future garden).
    The whole point is that Gardenscapes isn't purposely being offensive with their choice of words, and if other people stop playing because of this, they are really just misinterpreting.

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