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Thread: Why must we HAVE to spend money?

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    Why must we HAVE to spend money?

    I am stuck on level 124 and it seems I have to buy buy buy in order to pass this level. I am not against spending money here and there but when it is forced upon me I resent it. I will quit playing all together!!!

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    Hey Carol, I'm sorry you're stuck on your level. However, you're not obligated to spend! I haven't found that I've had to spend anything on the game yet, and I'm at 518. I know it gets super frustrating when. You get stuck in a rut. I find it's best to just to walk away (I know it's super hard to do that lol) for a few hours and come back with a fresh start. When you come back to the game, try to watch for opportunities to create explosions... You're at the first turning point in the game which forces you to start developing strategies which involve looking a few moves ahead of where you are now. As you progress as a player, you'll start seeing patterns in the way the pieces fall onto their board too :-) they never help me much ( more just irks me to watch someone else succeed where I've failed & it doesn't help me work on developing my strategy for future levels) on these kinds of games, but they often help others... I've included a link to a YouTube video for a walkthrough on level 124. Making the black bombs, sticks of dynamite or the barrels marked tnt are going to be your best friends from here on in :-)

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