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    I'm trying to figure out how do you complete the tutorial an where do u start it.

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    Hey Ruuster, the game walks you through how everything works as soon as you begin playing the game app. At the beginning first game explains that when you put three items together either vertically or horizontally make the basic match and as you go along in levels they will introduce at the start of a level other ways you can make different combinations and they will show you what to do to eliminate the often times difficult obstacles. They highlight the move they are teaching you and freeze the rest of the board.

    I have found written tips too... Click the Gear at the top right of the screen in the game app and go to the help section. Attached are a few screenshots

    I hope that helps!Screenshot_20170824-150046.jpgScreenshot_20170824-150016.jpgScreenshot_20170824-150046.jpgScreenshot_20170824-150016.jpg
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