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Thread: Please Update The Market

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    Please Update The Market

    In a future update I wish the market was updated with...

    1. A design similar to the barn which scrolls vertically rather than horizontal

    2. At the top of the market there could be a dealer/special sales section that spans across the whole window with:
    • Left Side - Small area for the dealer so he's always accessible
      • Also the time left for the hiring period and time before next use could be shown as well

    • Right Side - Bigger area/spotlight beside the dealer specifically for the special green crate sales
    • Could add rare sales that are purchasable with coins here as well
    • There could be 3 special crates that refresh every time the market refreshes

    3. There could be 1 fixed row at the top dedicated to new market boxes

    • The 1st box in the row could function as a counter as well as a button to purchase another market box
    • Each market box purchase will add a new box on the right beside the previous one
    • After the purchased market boxes fill the entire row all the boxes will shift downwards
    • The 1st fixed row will reset and the newly purchased market boxes will shifted to the 2nd row, and so on...

    4. Tabs to quickly find specific items that function similar to the barn

    • Always accessible on the right side or top/bottom of the market
    • Tabs for...Hot items, crops, factory goods, island goods, helicopter goods, etc.
    • Also a tab to hop to the barn as well as a button in the barn to hop to the market
    • Could add a button to access or hop to the market for zoo buildings as well

    5. New way to purchase items in the market
    • Tapping a good could show the barn quantity
    • Drag and drop the good into a cart/checkout area to purchase them immediately
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    Some really great ideas, Brendon.

    I'll put a direct link this thread in the Frequently Suggested Ideas sticky.

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    Well thought out suggestions, Brennan. Thanks for putting the direct link to here, Amoria.

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    Market Improvements


    As I play Township almost a year, I've bought a lot of market boxes. Now it is got really annoying to scroll in it, especially when I scrolled to the end and now I need to use the dealer.
    I've seen that I'm not the only one and that there are many complaints about this issue, so I suggest a really easy solution:

    - Add a button that take us to the start. it can be at the end of the market or at the bottom (see picture).

    - I've seen that on tablets we have two rows on market. Is is possible to have it on phones too? maybe at the Settings?

    - In addition it will be really nice to have a counter for the number of shelves.

    Thanks for help,


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    I most would like to see a timer or counter telling us the time we have left with the dealer. As it is now, the only time you can find out is to remember to look before you make a deal otherwise you have to wait until before you do next deal.
    The better idea is to have dealer limited to the number of deals instead of time he has. This came to me becuz of holidays and being busy so I've wasted so much of my time with him. Ireally hope they convert him to the number of deals vs the time of use with him especially since it's so hard to keep track of the amount of time I have left with him.

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    I am new in here but I would love see
    - “in barn quantity” in the market so I don’t purchase what I already have in the barn.

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    Awesome Ideas for the Market. Hope they Happen

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    Love the idea of tabs to group certain items, especially hot zoo items!

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    This is a wonderful idea!!

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    I often buy grren special boxes for expanding quicker. Mostly you get a box each refresh and Playrix earns money since I buy with tcash which I purchase for real money. However every time its an event you only get green boxes with event-items. I would love a setting ”participate in event” like you have opt in/out for the regatta.
    If I dont participate in the event then I get green special boxes with ”normal stuff” and Playrix earns more money instead of me ignoring all refresh.

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