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    Gone we a mixture activity and relaxation
    What is this supposed to mean?

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    I think the "we" is a typo for w/

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    I tend to rearrange my town often and I'm actually in the middle of remaking my town right now. Here is my waterfalls as it looks today.


    I've never added a pic before. Hope it isn't too small to see.

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    I'm fond of this one (not mine!)

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    In my town, the scientist working on the balcony of the Academy of Industry watches the water falling and possibly gets sprayed by the falling water (he is so close). When the scuba diver in the river below comes up out of the water, he waves to the scientist.

    I would love it if someone takes a look at my town. I still cant work out how to add a screen shot, but you can see the waterfall here:

    Level 88
    Town name: Ruby Land
    Co-op tag: #UCRCCZ
    Co-op name: Luck of the Wee Folk
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