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Thread: Seasonal Regatta: Post Mystery ' ? ' Tasks Here

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    Yes, you're right. The thread listing the mystery tasks is in the "Co-ops and Regatta Discussions", it's better to have only one thread with all the information.

    Thread is HERE !

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    9 donuts in 24hrs
    163 trees in 24 hrs

    So far all mystery tasks I have seen are for 135 points and 25 tokens.

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    135 HP. Wouldn't be bad but my menu board was not the best when I got this task.

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    I was blessed with a zoo task for 50 hot products( normally a 135 point zoo would be 65 hot products)

    This is what my coop has got so far

    135 mystery task:
    28 units of honey
    Send ship to Tropica isle-9
    9 trains
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    I took one as my first task today.
    135 points for 140 Jasmine.

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    My co-op got "smelt 8 ingots" in 24h two times already.

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    All 135
    52 ore
    2 planes
    8 ingots
    6 wallpaper
    117 animal feeding
    Julia Level 121

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    I have taken 2 mystery task (they were the only 135 points). The first was 21 heli. The second 8 ingots for 135 points while a regular task was 9 ingots for 128 points. It is a risk, but it pays.

    ADDENDUM. I don’t know if it is just a chance, but in the heli tasks I had 2 long series of orders ready to send. The task was completed in a little more than 1 hour
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    Do you typically just dump the board at the beginning of the race? We have contemplated doing the same in our co-op. Just wondering if it is helpful.

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    Harvest 140 jasmine 135 points

    But the person who took this task is low level and can't grow jasmine, support has been notified.

    Update: the task has been changed to wheat by support in a very timely fashion
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