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Thread: can you win gold without spending T-cash?

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    can you win gold without spending T-cash?

    Hi all! Well we finally made it to gold league! After weeks of trying, and then finally asking someone to leave, (because she just couldn’t do more then 4-5 task in a single week, which I felt bad about doing) we made it to gold.

    And then we got our butts kicked, lol.

    We are going to take a week or two off and regroup cause all of us spent a lot of T-cash just to come in last, lol. I know part of it is one of our members doesn’t complete her task as fast as the rest of us, she completes them all, just slower then us, and we all decided not to buy the last extra task. (4 player co-op)

    When we do make it to gold again I think one of the things we are going to do, is to start racing about 24 hours after it has started already, someone here in the forums suggested that when I inquired about something else a few weeks back. They suggested it to try and get matched up with teams that don’t spend a lot of T-cash.

    But the reason for this post is to find out if any of the co-op’s here reading this has ever come in first in gold league with out spending T-cash, or a very minimal amount.

    Thanks for reading and happy sailing to all!!

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    So I’m guessing, no teams have come in first in the gold league with spending T-cash.
    Please some one tell me some good news, lol. We are a small team, and all four of us don’t spend real money on the game.

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    We’ve come first in gold a couple of times.

    I think we all spent some cash, but not much because we’re not a group of spenders.

    Each time, we’d dropped to silver for a couple of weeks, then worked our tasks to aim for a third or second place finish in silver.

    The next week we went hard at 16x135 only, and managed to come in first.

    It’s a mix of racing style (doing the highest point tasks and fast as you can), and luck (that the other teams in your grouping for that week don’t do all 135 tasks, or don’t do them as quickly as you).

    Delayed start is very hit and miss. Some teams still do it and find it works but for over a year now it’s become apparent that delaying your start can end up dumping you in a race with teams already thousands of points ahead.
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    Hi. Congratulations on getting to gold league

    I have 2 towns, level 100+ and level 60ish. Both of them race solo, and occasionally together, and my big town, very occasionally, (about 2-3 times a year) races with a co-op of around 6 players. In all these variations I've been first in gold league without spending any T-cash (except for the 16th task).

    Because we can only guess at how teams are grouped, I don't have a particular strategy for this. When I'm racing solo I usually aim to finish in 24 hours (or 48 max depending on my work schedule). I hardly ever prep except for making sure I have mining tools, clovers, and heli orders ready, and I vary my start times (depending on work/other things I want to do).

    I don't come first often (I don't race in gold league all the time), and I can't tell you of any strategies that work 100%, but for me it seems I have a better chance the first week I get promoted from silver league, and also the later in the week I start, but that's as a solo player. I can't really advise you, but I can tell you that it is doable with a bit of strategy and maybe more than a bit of luck

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    Hi Frosty,

    I also can‘t give you a strategy, but with luck you can achieve it. I won the golden sail, when only 15 out of 30 members were racing, none of the others opted out, and nobody of those racing had a perfect score. Only three of us did 15 tasks, nobody bought the 16th task ... unbelievable, but we came in first. But it was in our first gold week ever. The following week we had about 1000 points more and got demoted ... that‘s life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrostyGhost View Post
    So I’m guessing, no teams have come in first in the gold league with spending T-cash.
    Please some one tell me some good news, lol. We are a small team, and all four of us don’t spend real money on the game.
    As others have said, it can be done without spending any more than the 10T for the 16th task. You will almost always need all 16 to be first. However, it is more common that you will run into a team that "speed races" on any given week, blasting their way through tasks at a team-wide rate of finishing 1 task at 135 points every 4 to 7 minutes. To do that would require a lot of T-cash if just to keep refreshing the board instead of waiting 30 minutes for a replacement task to appear. When you're up against that kind of team best to just ignore them and play for 2nd place.

    Now starting late may help because these teams often try to finish in a couple of hours so they would naturally start right away but as others have said, delaying the start may not ensure any particular grouping. In other words, roll the dice and take your chance on start time.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    I have played a 2-person co-op for about 40 weekly regattas (not counting 5th chest week). Came in 1st 7 times, 2nd 9 times and 3rd 7 times. We try to spend less than 100 tcash weekly (about $2 U.S.). We came in first last week, but that was just lucky. In the past 3 months we have seen 2 or 3 teams every week spend their way to the top -- hitting maximum points in 8 to 18 hours. If I am ahead, I leave easy tasks for other player (my little sister) and I take longer ones. I do not mind spending up to 200 tcash for first place, but will not spend to come in 3rd. So yes, Frosty, it is possible to win without spending a lot of $ but depends upon other teams. If you have slower players, then chat with fast players about taking longer tasks to allow slower players to catch up. If players are willing to spend, then let them offer to take tasks like trains where you can call 8 trains in for 7 tcash each or 3 zoo tasks for 6 tcash each (assuming you save 8). My sister has been playing longer so has a larger barn. She offers to take planes. We chat about what is needed for next plane before she spends 8 tcash to call it in. We can do a 4-plane task in 15 minutes if we have what is needed for crates.

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    Thank you all for your reply’s, gives me a little hope that we can win with out breaking the bank, lol.
    I know most of the time to place 1st-3rd you have to buy the last task, but we all decide not to buy it since it might have gotten us just out of last place.

    I have no problem spending T-cash to win (or come in 2nd or 3rd) even if I have to go throu every thing I’ve saved.
    Someone (one of the mods, I think) suggested that we start later for two reasons, one was the T-cash spending,
    but the main reason possibly getting matched up with teams more our level.

    Again, I noticed in this weeks race all but two teams we were racing against, their team level average was well over 100.
    Our team level is about 66. One team, all of the members were over 120, and the leader was over 220. (They won by the way)
    The three lower level teams (including us) were all in the bottom three positions.
    I hardly think that’s fair. (But I went over that in another post, So I’ll leave it at that)

    Again thank for all the reply’s. I will pass the info along to my co-op.

    Happy sailing!!

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    Your best bet to getting a top 3 consistently

    1. Only accept tasks at 135
    2. Take tasks that you can do quickly-helicopters & mining. Not planes!! Trains if they have been upgraded to 25%. Ships for shrimps/olives, never for the main exports
    3. Delay start an odd time like 1:15,
    4. Work towards a perfect score/max points & the trophies will come

    I think you are very brave to try to take you little team into more competitive waters & I wish you luck & happy sailing!⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵😎

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