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Thread: Co-ops Looking To Merge With Other Co-ops

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    We are “FELLOWSHIP”.

    Blue tree on dark blue background

    Easy going, but we are organized in helping each other.

    6 of us moved from a co op with no leader present, the 6 of us carrying the co op while others did nothing but ask for help.

    We are now 7.

    We ask that you be at least level 28.

    By helping in the co op you work your way up from member to elder to co leader.

    We help you advance!

    We don’t actively PROMOTE the regatta…it’s up to each individual…but…we ARE 1st in our league!

    Join us! We are friendly and we pass on tips and tricks!

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    Hi All, seeking a team to join us. We are Rivendell, a team of 17 ppl, and a silver league team. We all speak English and have a very active, friendly, no drama, team that has been playing together for quite awhile. We delete tasks under 120, but if it is close we will keep it, because we do ask you try everything to try n complete all your tasks. We understand that is not always possible, so we won’t go kicking u out. That being said, we do expect everyone to help. Right now they are putting us up against larger teams, so we are trying to add some members. So if your team is between 3-7 players n would like a change, please come join us. Thanks, Janice logo is leaf on red background!

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    Heart Savers Plus is looking for another co-op to merge with us. We have 17 members who are casual players. Our rules for the regattas are pretty simple. If you are a new member, you are required to complete a minimum of 2 tasks. Elders must complete 3 tasks. And Leaders/Co-Leaders must complete 4 tasks. Most of our players complete more than the minimum and we have a handful of players that generally complete all tasks. We hang around the steel/silver league because we don't have enough players to compete. If we had 30 members all filling the requirement, I believe we could win first in the gold league. Promotion happens pretty quickly and people are kicked after each regatta season if they do not fill the very easy requirements. If you would like to join or merge: Co-op tag is #HEM6FW.

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    Anyone wanna merge? I have 8 empty spots for a small coop to merge with us. We always participate in reg and all are active... my coop is called Texas 2.0

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    Co-op F8N

    Co-op Name: F8N
    Co-op Tag: #F8NWZ2
    Co-op Competitiveness: High/Moderate
    Co-op Icon Description: Light Yellow Sun on a Caramel background
    Platform: mobile
    Number of Members: 22/30
    Language: English

    Brief Summary of Your Co-op's Experience So Far:
    Co-op members levels vary from 25-51. We started with a full Co-op in the begin of April. Kicked out a few for non participation. A few very active members departed a week ago since we were not ranking up in Regatta due to other members not actively helping and low member count 16/30 at our lowest.

    Seeking A Merger Because:
    Our Co-op needs active members who love to compete and will be active daily in there towns, co-op, and regatta.

    Contact Us: private message

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