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Thread: A Sporadic Problem with Watching Videos

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    A Sporadic Problem with Watching Videos

    Hi, there!

    I am having a sporadic issue when watching videos. About half the time, after the video is over, instead of giving me an "x" so I can return to the game and get my coins, my screen goes completely white and then nothing happens and I can't return to the game without launching some other application and even then, a good deal of time (hours) needs to pass before I can access Gardenscapes again. If I restart my iPad, I can get back into Gardenscapes more quickly. Regardless, I also don't receive credit for watching the video.

    So, considering the hassle and the fact that I'm not getting credited, I think I'll pass on the videos for a while.

    I'm on an iPad and I'm at Level 702 if that makes any difference.

    Love the game -- but not loving the videos!

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    Hello TNapier!

    Make sure you report this to in-game support, and while you're waiting, maybe try the steps in the troubleshooting link in my signature if you haven't already (you never know, could help!).

    If you can, including the names of the ads that cause it (and maybe some that haven't), would be helpful. Good luck!

    I'd be grateful if you could post back here when you get a response

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    Thanks so much, Honor -- I'll do as you suggested and let you know how things turn out.

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