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  1. Benefits of finishing early

    I guess the benefit of finishing early - is having the PERKS LONGER. Assume the redundancy was built-in to ensure everyone had a chance of finishing at some stage 😄
    I don’t mind, would love to see...
  2. Sorry - I was just commenting on the ‘opting out...

    Sorry - I was just commenting on the ‘opting out no demotion’ discussion.
    My comments re: Playrix was for context only - for once I think I agree with them ... That was my point - nothing else
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    It’s a moot point, as rewards are achievable regardless!

    Now that I’ve finished collecting the rewards - with 11 days to go - I can happily report that Playrix has built in a lot of redundancy for any missed/in-completed tasks.

    Completing the rewards,...
  4. Separate Ski or Island resorts - particularly SKI

    😱😱 yes, yes, yes - pretty please 😱😱
  5. New land type or deco - GRASS & ROCKS COMBO for more natural shorelines!

    It would be nice to have some more natural looking shorelines, part grass and part rocks - 2 types, each rotated 2 ways - to cover all options‼️ Single grid.

    I find myself hesitant to release...
  6. Co-op teams opting out for 1 race, no demotion

    Sounds like a great idea, however, I think the rule is in place to keep different level League’s competitive.

    Otherwise, how does Playrix justify demoting bottom 3 racing teams, but leave...
  7. Same - on Anteater now 😩

    Same - on Anteater now 😩
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    My zoo is my pride & joy :0)

    I’ve still got 1 enclosure to go..

    All my animals have been named 😁 shame others can’t see - Eg. my angry male alligator is called ‘Boo ;0)’

    I’ve spent a lot (too much lol..) of time planning...
  9. Ancient Legends Regatta - Race 1/4 - is awful - excessive task amounts 😱😱

    Excessive task request volumes
    Lack of variety in Golden 135 pt level
    We just got 1 with - 13 grapes 🍇( 2 Trips to Olivia 🌴), 34 Train Cart Task’s + coins (90% Of individual coin task)

  10. Please create some Dining deco options...

    Wish there was some “table & chairs” or “table, chairs & umbrella”, or small “Cafe table” decos...for more dining options, for use around restaurants, in backyards etc.. Instead of having to use...
  11. Congratulations “11 Oceans” #RUDQ9M

    Our wonderful, little, ragtag team of 7 racers - lvls 56-92 (co-op of 11), with no online helpers, have won 🏆 current race in golden league overnight 👏👏
    2nd in previous 2 races...
    Up against very...
  12. Allow others to see Zoo Animal Names

    Some of us (me‼️) have spent a lot of time coming up with some funny names for zoo animals...
    It’s a shame that no-one else can see them..
    Could names pop-up when zoo orders are filled for the...
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    Sticky: Argh - not sure how to link to my town - it’s...

    Argh - not sure how to link to my town - it’s GlenPeace EAYMD6
    I‘Ve almost finished my zoo - another 6 enclosures to go. Been playing for 5 months.
    I’ve worked hard on design to date - in both zoo...
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