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  1. Harry Potter needs YOU-1700 weekly helps and reg challenge winners!

    Hi guys, looking for 2 players, preferably from Asia, UK, or AU but anyone who goes beast mode is welcome.

    We win challenges regularly and gave out 1700 helps last week. 100% active team that I...
  2. Please get rid of the Airplanes bonus and go back to the Kite

    Hello, I run the Harry Potter group in the game Homescapes. I have noticed less playing, less team wins and less participation from the group with the new “bonus” Airplanes generator. They’ve told me...
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    Harry Potter group is looking for active players—...

    Harry Potter group is looking for active players— we average 1200 helps a week and regularly win challenges.
    But you must be at level 1500 or above.
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