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    Let's repair and not drastically change

    I opened a new site and on the very first day I was disappointed. Mysterious marble ruins and a statue of the ancient Roman God Fountain inspired thoughts about the ancient site. But .. The ruins...
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    Fabrizio Mancini

    Did you notice how similar are Fabrizio Mancini and Maurice, Belle’s father from the Disney’s cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”? Maurice was the talented inventor, who created amazing things. One day...
  3. Sorry but in Homescapes we have to redecorate...

    Sorry but in Homescapes we have to redecorate garden near the mansion, haven't we? :rolleyes: As I wrote, my idea doesn't concern mansion but only the buildings on the garden sections...
  4. Opportunity to enter into the buildings ih the garden

    That would be so great if players could enter into the buildings, such as, for example, house-on-the-tree or Stevens' house, and see through the eyes of Austin how these buildings look like from...
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