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  1. Thank you.

    Thank you.
  2. Help! As co op leader I have accidentally blocked a member from the regatta and can’t

    I now cannot reinstate the member,what can I do?
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    New co op members

    I am not a frequent visitor to this site, just learning my way round it. I have set up a co op a few months ago and we have 8 lovely people playing and enjoying the regattas , we like to do all 135...
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    Fed up with regatta, not enough 135s

    So fed up with the fun any more , not enough 135 tasks, also very limited choice in tasks , keep repeating time consuming tasks like the plane, or ships. If you want to win or get...
  5. Just received my gift for the regatta....guess...

    Just received my gift for the regatta....guess what more building materials that I do t want.....township have you seen my message or should I send it somewhere else for a reply?
  6. Building material given as gifts....why

    I am really fed up with receiving building materials as chest gifts or as any gift....we have nothing to build and they just clog the barn up...I end up selling them. Please can it stop? Also I would...
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