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  1. Here's my new favorite. Three people sitting on...

    Here's my new favorite. Three people sitting on the same place of the bench. 23273
  2. Really bag bugs.... spending too much on this game for bad quality!

    The game crashes multiple times a day now and a ton of bugs. The latest is shown in the attached picture.23259
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    New Update very buggy

    I'm on the Day 4 Garden levels and since the update, my game keeps taking me to the gazebo pond area with the planned tea party task stuff. There are people walking around who weren't here before,...
  4. Frequent Shockwave Crashes Since Last Game Update

    I have the latest Shockwave player. The newest version of Gardenscapes crashes frequently in Chrome and MS Edge. Please fix this. It is very annoying. I just wasted time winning a level to have it...
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