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    Doubling up on animal farm factories?

    Hello, I’m level 24 and the demand for milk and eggs has increased since I’ve joined a coop, and opened the zoo. Is it a good idea to get another cowshed, another chicken coop and another feed mill?...
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    Watching ads for Tcash?

    I have been reading this forum and multiple times I’ve seen people say to “watch ads to get Tcash”. I’m level 19 and have not seen any ads yet. Do you get them at higher levels?
  3. How long have you played & what level? How many times a day do you play?

    I’ve started playing 3-4 days ago and I’m already midway through level 16. I check it multiple times a day because of quarantine and I’m addicted. I feel like I’m progressing a bit too fast.

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