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  1. Thread: Co-op ads

    by Jourhad

    Sticky: PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle Co-op name and...

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: Regatta Cats #FSRHGM
    Accepted town level: 19

    Any Co-op rules: English preferred. Everyone must play in the regatta and try to help others in the...
  2. Thanks for the great info, Charlie's post was...

    Thanks for the great info, Charlie's post was spot on helping me understand task dumping. However ×
    when I check the statistics every member has 0 tasks dumped. I am the only leader and there are no...
  3. Some co-op members restricted from maximizing number of tasks

    Our co-op just formed and is in wooden league.
    I see that each member is limited to max 7 regatta tasks. We have a co-op member who completed 5/7 tasks and they can no longer add any new tasks. How...
  4. Rectangular parking lot with entrance on short ends

    Current parking lots only have entrances on the long side. It would be great to have an option with entrance and exit on the short ends
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