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    How about Instead of hiring the dealer for a set...

    How about Instead of hiring the dealer for a set amount of time that you get him a set number of times like 12 t-cash for 24 times rather than 24 hrs.
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    All awesome ideas I hope they utilize them at...

    All awesome ideas I hope they utilize them at least the first page. I’ll have to review the rest.
  3. Missing achievement credit -how about a change

    I noticed on the upgradable decorations it doesn’t credit the money you spend on upgrading towards your achievement of spending money on decorations.. isn’t that spending money on a decoration!
  4. Experiments

    I finished all the rewards for the experiment event it would be nice to keep getting rewards as you get more points
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    Wildscapes profile picture

    How about a wildscapes profile picture for downloading the game like a red panda!!! I’m loving the game so far!
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    Low point regatta tasks

    I have seen so many complaints about low point regatta tasks I'm appalled nothing has been done about it. If you going to make us dump 5 tasks or so each time it reloads the least you guys can do is...
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    P.o. 🤬

    Okay I like the tool trade building but you guys made it seem like it was replacing the building materials so I've been trading them all in now I don't have enough to finish an enclosure! Could you...
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    Unfinished roads

    If we could lay roads and paths down under decorations like fences that would be great and up to buildings so the roads are finished instead of stopping short!
  9. Button for zoo barn and market

    It would be nice to have a button for the zoo, barn, and market like there is for the plane, train, and helicopter
  10. An event where you search through different...

    An event where you search through different qualities to find (build) the perfect pet.
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    When you first get to grow roses you get half a...

    When you first get to grow roses you get half a dozen free it feels like you got half a dozen roses like in Valentine’s Day or something! Just a thought but I guess not needed!
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    A translate option in this forum
  13. Rewards for what we do have in planes

    Planes to give the rewards for partial orders as well as clovers when it sends when time runs out or at least return the merchandise! It says what reward we get if we get one line across so why don’t...
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    I think it would be cool to have a decoration of a dragon flying around town available for the Chinese New Year Available!
  15. Getting rid of unnecessary things to make room for a better game play

    You guys say you do not have the space for things like a crop silo or tool shed but it you took all the programming out for the interaction that would free up space while it’s nice and unique it...
  16. They could do away with interactive people to...

    They could do away with interactive people to make room! Just a thought... something that contributes rather than just a feature!
  17. Remove unnecessary features to allow for better ones that are useful!

    I understand that people want the people to be interactive but how much programming goes into it and space!! Just to tap and a person waves!! How often is this feature really used!? It has nothing to...
  18. I suggested in another game I play for there to...

    I suggested in another game I play for there to be a warp portal to another section I don’t know if this would help but!
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    Speeding up crops

    It would be nose if you could speed up all your crops for the same as 1 is right now or at least 1half or 1 third! It’s just asking too much!
  20. Community buildings and events

    How about a vet, armed forces, ASPCA, gun range, weapons store, paintball park,& laser tag! An event where you match the perfect pet with the person would be nice!
  21. Bottom Feeders

    How about algae eaters or other bottom feeders available as fish as well as eels the suckers could cling to to screen!
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    Friends Limit

    Could you lift the friends limit that you can get in find friends? Not everyone has friends who want to play and some of the goals require it!
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    More Roses

    Okay so not all of us realized it but when we got to the level where we could grow roses and you guys gave us a few... it made us feel so special they were a joy to have! But some of us had to sell...
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    Trade Event Prizes

    Could you make it so we can trade in the decorations we win in events for one or ones we prefer or could we have a choice or something that goes towards getting one!
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    Sticky: Shadow

    12 including fishdom.... I figured you would not count the differences of what is covered up by differences! If not add 8... counting double half circle lines as 1 and straight lines as 1 I missed 1...
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