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  1. Crops: Seasonal (Squash, Poinsetta, Etc)

    For each of the holiday season there should be a super crop added that has a high profit and small growth time. This would be a small bonus of things to add for each holiday. Like maybe squash at...
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    Explain something to me.

    I am just curious as to why a tool shed for building materials and tools cannot be considered. Or at least a way to store these items separate from the goods. Many would benefit from this and I'm...
  3. Community building preparation help.

    Is there ANY way to add which building materials and how much of each material will be needed to complete the item. Maybe like the other purchase items where you touch the ? In the block and it...
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    Materials and tools sheds

    It would make more sense and open barn space for items from production and farming if there were a shed for tools and building tools and resources and also storing the ingot in. None of those things...
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