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  1. Are Gardenscapes available / will they be available for non-mobile devices?

    It seems to me that it's here because yesterday I have played a bit of the probably newest game:
    However, it doesn't work very well. The graphics...
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    Sticky: Note that I have only played games 1, 2 and the...

    Note that I have only played games 1, 2 and the "Mansion Makeover" because I'm a computer-only player, I don't even have a mobile with Internet access and colored display and I enjoy not doing things...
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    Favorite style of graphics

    I have played several parts of Fishdom: 1, 2, 3, "Seasons under the Sea", H2O, "Depths of Time" (the worst game in my opinion, so hard that it's just not fun anymore) and "Aquascapes".
    Which style...
  4. People still use computers, not just smartphones!

    I don't have a smartphone and probably never will, because I enjoy being in the minority and using a kind of phone unlike what other people use. Anyway, smartphones are not for me, I can't type on...
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    New Acres for Non-Smartphone Users

    Playrix is a company which has a lot of great ideas, but, unfortunately, doesn't seem to answer messages AT ALL. So I've created this account and I'm going to bring up this issue here.
    Namely, I...
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