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    I have chronic throat discomfort/tightness...

    I have chronic throat discomfort/tightness (extensively discussed about with my therapist) which causes me to force coughing, which also triggers a chronic post-nasal drip as a standard body...
  2. Thank you all for your answers! Really reassures...

    Thank you all for your answers! Really reassures me, hahaha.

    It was still very surprising the first time I saw it - I thought I was suddenly exposed!
  3. [Question] Linking to Facebook and privacy.

    Hello! Just a quick question,

    I have recently linked Township to my Facebook account. So far, no problems, got the rewards and all, but I was a little concerned about the privacy of it.

  4. Looks like my reply got swallowed. Huh. But...

    Looks like my reply got swallowed. Huh.

    But anyways, the option to disable the filter also exists on PC! Thanks for the tips!

    Also DD_ according to them, my reports were missing "some technical...
  5. Language filter in co-op chat messing with non-English languages

    This appears to be a common issue, shared with members of my co-op, at least.

    Here is the problem: I play a French version of Township, and I am part of a French co-op. Frequently, our messages...
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