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  1. Is There a Way to Change Player ID Names via Facebook?

    I recently had to relog into my Facebook account to keep it connected to my Township account. Some co-op members observed the fact that my name that shows up in my town and on balloons has changed,...
  2. Co-op Communication, besides the Chat Window?

    Hi all, my co-op has been trying to come up with ways to easier claim tasks and make important conversations known without having to use the memo option, as it isn't very convienient. Is there...
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    Not necessarily stopping the clock, but pausing...

    Not necessarily stopping the clock, but pausing it, I guess? I agree with the negatives to this, but the ability to pause the double boosters would be fantastic. The other ones may be fine for its...
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    Toggling On/Off Option for Boosters

    I've been playing for a while, and while I love having boosters to help complete regatta tasks quicker, I don't always want to use it (mainly to save barn space). So I've been thinking how nice it...
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