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    Got someone else game!!

    Finally, support got ahold of me...Restored my match 3 level..But in the process. gave me another player's aquariums, which were totally different, and way before I started playing..and they were...
  2. Hi Dreadnought.... Thank you so much for...

    Hi Dreadnought....
    Thank you so much for helping me with my problem...Everytime I get an automated message I reply right away that I've already tried what ever they send me, and I still need...
  3. Does anybody ever help from the developer on this forum!!!!!)

    Does anybody know if the developers monitor this board, and ever help people...I have used the
    help section in the game and just get the same auto responses back..
    I lost progress on a new...
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    lost progress when upgrading phones

    I upgraded my phone from a note 8 to S10+, traded it in.and got home and my whole progress was gone...level about2500, aquarium luner new lunar new year.and have contacted developer many times.just...
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