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    U say it all.. 🙌🙌🙌😂😂 yeah right.. and at some...

    U say it all.. 🙌🙌🙌😂😂 yeah right.. and at some stage, it becomes boring too..
  2. Can't type some letters now in coop inbox, why?

    Hi guys, while I was typing inbox for the crew members I realized that some letters got stuck and the cursor won't move forward to proceed my type.. Then after I change the word with similar meanings...
  3. Hi, @tiffylizzy .. I'm new too that I forgot to...

    Hi, @tiffylizzy .. I'm new too that I forgot to checked the box for notifications on replies when I posted this.. Thanks for replying me.. I agree with u.. and it would be very nice if we can move...
  4. Can We Move All Fields In One Edit Clicks?

    I really love the new updates especially the reserved button in tasks chart. Now can I ask for the efficiency to arranging my fields? Hope I can move several or all fields in one click as if when we...
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    Redesign The Houses

    Hi, I'm already on level 57 so I'm not new on Township. I love it. The details are awesome. Every single one of them.. The best among others. Now here I join the forum because I want to request to...
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