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  1. I did mean that they meant to "dump" a task from...

    I did mean that they meant to "dump" a task from the task board and instead it treated it as a start button. When the first person reported the problem I thought she must have just made a mistake....
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    Thank you this helped me too!

    Thank you this helped me too!
  3. Regatta tasks starting when dumping tasks

    I have had 2 members of my team tell me that when they attempted to dump a task it started. When it happened the first time I thought my player probably just made a mistake. The second time had me...
  4. Thread: Co-op ads

    by Avonleacc

    Sticky: Fun Friendly Co-op going for gold looking to grow!

    Platform: iOS
    Co-op name: The Commadore Club tag #HEG24W
    Co-op rules: Help others. Opt out before the regatta begins or ask us to opt you out if you can't participate. All tasks need to be...
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